Swim for the Reef is an annual Australia-based, world-wide event that brings people together to swim and raise funds to support the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.  

You can customise your challenge depending on how you prefer to swim: join a Team Relay, swim laps at your local pool, or swim in the ocean. It's all about having fun and personally contributing to the Reef's protection!

Please keep track of the distance you or your team swim and add it to our overall 2017 tally. Our aim is to swim the equivalent distance of the Great Barrier Reef - a massive 2,300km!

Several pools have agreed to host Swim for the Reef events (see list below) - or you can choose a location closer to you. Venues are not responsible for registrations. All registrations must be via this website.

PLEASE NOTE: All lanes at the main event at Musgrave Park Pool are now fully allocated to registered teams. Unless you are registering to join an existing Musgrave Park team, please choose another pool or location.

Swim for the Reef host pools:

  • Musgrave Park Pool, Edmonstone St, Sth Brisbane (All lanes fully allocated)
  • Ithaca Pool, Caxton St, Paddington, Brisbane
  • Yeronga Park Pool, School Rd, Yeronga, Brisbane

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